You are language
Teaching AIESEC Northwestern the eXchange sign. Body language on top.

You are language

T’es qui, toi? Who are you? Quién eres? Try to answer this question in different languages. Did you always say the same thing? Apparently you didn’t, but even translating your…

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Explicit perspective
Chicago seen from Northwestern University - a miraculous perspective.

Explicit perspective

How much do you assume? When in a conversation, when coming to a new place? And then, will you still talk about subjects that you assumed to be common knowledge?…

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Today, I want to add a personal text to this blog that has so far been rather analytical. It's about the fresh taste of new circumstances and the smell of…

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Let’s build culture

Some time ago, the word "culture" had two quite specific meanings for me. Firstly, I knew it as a term for events that were related to art. Going to the…

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Europe is paradise

Arriving in a foreign country awakens my curiosity. It's a special kind of curiosity that would slumber if I heard the same language all day, met the same people and…

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