Me telling stories of events I have experienced. Life is full of beautiful stories, why not share them?

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Ice sheets floating on the Saint Lawrence River in Québec.

The Land of Frost

In Chicago, I thought that minus 10 Celsius in November was cold. Now I know better. Having arrived in Québec city, in the French-speaking part of Canada, I’ve experienced what…

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Lake Michigan from the airplane, a few minutes before arriving in Chicago in August.

Finally arriving

Last week, I have finally arrived in the US. It has taken two and a half months after the landing of my airplane. Considering that university here will be over…

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My lovely sister doing a headstand in front of a paper house.

Paper facade

Imagine living in a paper box. It's one story high and some paper walls separating your kitchen from your living room. The design is original, a plastic floor that every…

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