Me telling stories of events I have experienced. Life is full of beautiful stories, why not share them?

Stay at home society
Our dear friend the laptop - how much do we really love him?

Stay at home society

Imagine a society where no one complains about the coronavirus. Sounds wonderful to you? Then you’re lucky because we might soon get to that point! During the last decades, the…

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Biased lenses

Why would a TV station employ foreign correspondents? They only appear on screen when something important happens in their country. In the case of some states, this can be extremely…

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Enthusiasm, where are you?
Hey Austrians, where is your enthusiasm?

Enthusiasm, where are you?

“Hiii, welcome at The Best Restaurant. I’m Cate and I’m happy to be serving you today!” “Do you have any questions? Is everyone ready to order?” “What a great choice!”…

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Fear of returning
Airplane views right after taking off in Chicago.

Fear of returning

“Are you looking forward to leaving?” To be honest, I’m not. There are so many things left to discover in the US, so many adventures left to be lived. Still,…

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Reviewing a year

The most popular songs of 2019 are being played on the radio; a compilation of the most tragic events is followed by the most hilarious cat pictures of the year…

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The Land of Frost
Ice sheets floating on the Saint Lawrence River in Québec.

The Land of Frost

In Chicago, I thought that minus 10 Celsius in November was cold. Now I know better. Having arrived in Québec city, in the French-speaking part of Canada, I’ve experienced what…

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